About Us

In business since 2008, Ciler Seda KOSE, founder of our company, “Wool and Cotton”, always had an appreciation for natural textile products.  “Wool and Cotton” officially opened in 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.  Since then, our team of experts have been devoted to bringing consumers the best of the best products available. 
We strive for to gain consumer’s trust in our brand and in the quality of our products.  
We believe in living in harmony with nature and not against it and that our bodies, minds, and the world around us will be better off when we do.
In the market, there are many textile products that look and even feel like natural fibers do.  But unfortunately, they are mostly artificial.  Many of them are toxic and dangerous to the skin and the body.  The irresponsible technologies used to produce these toxic fibers disrespect the earth and are a threat to the earth’s future.  The environmental repercussions and long-term effects on humans are alarming as well.
Because of our convictions, we believe in being proactive.  That’s why we work all around the world to bring you the best possible quality of natural fibers.
The bottom line is – We not only love textile, we have an obsession for it.  It is our passion.  We insist on knowing about every piece of fiber that goes into our products.  We know exactly how it’s grown and where it’s grown.  We oversee it all from the seed until it reaches your home.  We know that And… that’s how it should be, NATURALLY.

Wool and Cotton